Update your Existing Website

Updating and redesigning websites isn’t just about changing the look and feel of a website.

As technology changes, there are other considerations that come into play when evaluating an existing website and making the decision whether to upgrade or completely redevelop your website.  These include functionality, content, user experience, maintenance and search engine friendliness.

We have extensive experience in auditing existing websites and making recommendations on improvements which aim to achieve your online business objectives.

Reasons to update your website:

  • Your website is not responsive
    As more and more people access the web on smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc., your website needs to work on a multitude of devices, without hindering the user experience.
  • Your website takes a long time to load
    If your site takes longer than five seconds to load, users will become disinterested and leave your site.  Your site needs to load faster and not download too much information.
  • Certain functions and features are outdated
    You may need to restructure your website so that underperforming features are less prominent or removed completely.
  • Parts of your website are not functioning properly
    If you have broken links, missing images, error messages, etc., you need to fix these, which can be done easily if your website is built on a content management system.
  • You don’t know what visitors are doing on your website
    You need to have analytics software installed to gather stats about what your visitors are doing on your website.  Without these, you have no idea how your site is performing.
  • You are slowly losing repeat visitors to your website
    If you’re losing visitors, it is often an indication that your content is becoming stale, or your website is not user-friendly.  You must keep your site fresh and relevant by adding new content and features.
  • Your website is not integrated with your social media presence
    You need to leverage all your online platforms to get the best exposure.  Integrating your website and social media platforms strengthens your online presence.
  • It’s difficult to keep your website updated without the help of a web programmer
    This may be a sign that your website is built on old technology and coding.  You may need to create a new website that will allow you to update the site yourself, through a content management system.
  • You are not sure if your website it being found by search engines
    Search engines look for relevant content as well as good coding, and if you are not being found in search engines, you may need to consider updating your website to boost your SEO efforts to get search engine visitors.

If any of these scenarios apply to your existing website, let us help you determine if your website just needs a few updates, or if it is time to build a brand new website.

Our Website Design and Development services include the following:

  • Domain Registration
  • Website and Email Hosting
  • Copywriting of Web Content
  • On-site Search Engine Optimisation
  • Maintenance and Updates
  • Usability Audits
  • Responsive Website

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