Sneak peek into our work spaces

Let’s go behind the scenes and take a look at the work spaces of a highly effective email production team. What keeps each person healthy, happy, energised and engaged?

One of the great things about working in the digital marketing industry is that you can work remotely. Many of our full time and freelance team members work remotely. Sure, there are some basics that need to be in place to make this possible.

Here’s what you need

A good (to great) internet connection.
Fibre is best. Our cloud based systems constantly synchronise job files and we are in contact through online communication and collaboration channels.

Commitment to communicate

Teams that embrace ‘bursty’ communication – concentrated exchanges with little time lag between responses, perform better than those that let conversations drag.

Communication is key and we are in regular contact on Skype.  Skype groups dedicated to projects or clients give team members a channel to chat. It’s easy to ask questions and get answers. Team members are very responsive, this is our company culture.

Skype is just a tool for us and a lot of the success depends on how you use the tools. There are many out there. We use Skype, Google Drive Spread Sheets and Dropbox.

A high-performance computer.
At any time, we have 2 graphic design programs and an html editor open.  And all those online tools.

Work spaces.
Sometimes working remotely means working from home. In those cases, a quiet place is best – preferably a room with a door that can close. Every so often we have online meetings and it helps to be able to block out environmental noise and uninvited guests. We all remember the guy whose toddlers burst into his home office mid broadcast on international TV.  Having a separate room dedicated to work or small office home office (SOHO) means that at the end of the day you can physically step out of that space and take a mental break – out of sight out of mind! It is important to separate and compartmentalise work from the rest of your life. Otherwise it feels like you’re always working or as if your life is spilling over into your work. This is especially true if you sometimes work at the kitchen counter where spilling can be a literal thing.

Choose spaces depending on what you need to do. Sometimes you’ve got to get out and work in a different place. A change is as good as a holiday. I’ve got my favourite coffee shops that I go to when I’ve got to plan the layout of a newsletter or content for our marketing plan.

Music helps to make a repetitive task more fun.  Tune into one of our favourite playlists on Spotify

Sitting is the new smoking.

In this industry we can sit for hours at a time, without noticing. It’s really important to look up from the screen and take a break.  Taking a walk around the garden or around the block works well.

Here’s what some of us do to relax after hours:

People are different in the ways they choose to disconnect from the online world.  I find that running helps me switch off and re-energise.  I end up thinking about solutions that I wouldn’t have come up with if I was sitting at my desk.

Our team has shared photos of their favourite places and things to do when they’re not online.

Thys enjoys a good round of Scrabble

Thys enjoys a good round of Scrabble

Watching the sun set is relaxing for just about anyone

Reading is a firm favourite for almost all team members

Plants make for healthy workspaces

Running is a celebration of freedom & a great way to clear head space

Party planning helps Sally get creative.

Tessa enjoys gardening
Relaxing with a glass of wine in said garden

So, there you have it. Please share about your work space. I’m a big believer in work-life harmony. How do you make your life and work harmonious?

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