Google AdWords

People use search engines to find information on the internet.

It is the primary way that people search for information about products, services and just about anything else.  Google dominates the search engine market and is by far the most popular search engine used.

Google offers businesses a way to advertise on the Google search engine, and this is the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system called Google AdWords. This advertising can be seen in the top 4 slots and then again under the first 10 organic results on the search results page.

Searchers will enter a search term or keyword, and this will display organic search results, as well as adverts. If the searcher clicks on your advert, they are transferred to your website.

The diagram below illustrates organic and paid results and where they might appear on a search results page:

    Advertisers bid to have their advert placed as close to the top of the page as possible. Each time their advert is clicked on the advertiser pays.

    Pay-per-click advertising involves bidding for advert placement in the paid results sections.

    Cantaloupe’s comprehensive keyword research will guide the initial campaign and we will set-up your campaign using the most relevant and potentially high-yielding keywords.  In our set-up process we will create the adverts for the campaigns.

    Our job as your AdWords marketer is to build your business online.   We set up the campaigns and initially we bid aggressively to position your ads above those of your competitors. Then through an iterative process of refinement over 3 months, we aim to increase your advert’s quality score and decrease your cost per click.

    Beyond the initial campaign set-up and based on the keyword research, we will recommend an AdWords budget that should achieve your traffic goals.

    Benefits of pay-per-click advertising

    • Target your adverts specifically to users who may be searching for your product or service.
    • Set the parameters of your adverts, like the geographical location where your advert will appear, the time of day when your advert will appear and the days of the week.
    • Cost effective as you can choose the maximum you want to spend when someone clicks on your advert.
    • No minimum spending limit for your adverts and you can choose to edit your budget at any time.
    • Maximum return on your advertising investment.
    • Edit your existing advert and publish changes within minutes.
    • Detailed performance reports are available on demand.

    We offer search engine marketing services that cover both organic and paid results:

    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Pay-per-click (PPC) Google AdWords Campaign set up & management

    Whether you choose organic or paid for results, both have the ability to bring qualified traffic to your website.

    SEO and PPC programs do not have to be mutually exclusive. It is very possible to combine both and see the advantages of each type of traffic generation while mitigating their negatives. However, you should have both campaigns overseen by the same person.

    Search Engine Optimisation


    • Long term ROI: Over time, SEO is usually less costly than PPC
    • The more SEO work you do on a site, the more it benefits the entire site
    • Results have greater credibility


    • Rankings are not guaranteed
    • Takes longer to see measurable results
    • Requires ongoing work



    • Short term ROI: the fastest route to attracting traffic
    • Quick, affordable campaign set up
    • Highly Measurable


    • Can be more costly
    • Cost per click is not consistent
    • Constant monitoring is required

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