What’s in a name?

“Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)” is a song by jazz-rap group Us3 from their 1993 album Hand on the Torch.  It features a sample of Herbie Hancock’s song “Cantaloupe Island” It’s FUNKY but at the same time has the makings of a timeless classic. It’s also the inspiration for how Cantaloupe Digital arrived at its name.  It sounded like fun and that’s one thing we want to have when we work with you and help you grow your business.

Some experts believe that the best names are abstract, a blank slate upon which to create an image. Others think that names should be informative so customers know immediately what your business is. Some believe that coined names (that come from made-up words) are more memorable than names that use real words. Others think they’re forgettable.


I love our name but it has held some practical implications for me in terms of marketing this name that I would like to share with you:

  • Domain names:  there are a number of ways to spell Cantaloupe and, to ensure our potential clients could find us when they searched on Google, we registered domain names using many variants of this spelling (cantaloop.co.za, canteloop.co.za, cantaloupe.co.za to name a few)
  • Email addresses: couple the domain spelling with an unusual first name and you have to think extra hard to ensure people can contact you.  The result is that many variations of the name ‘Melaina’ have also been set up as email addresses that all forward to me – from the simplest mel@cantaloupedigital.com to the weirdest name I have been called (by someone from Spain on a Skype call) melanina@cantaloupe.digital.com
  • Having a story to tell:  A brand name is an opportunity to tell a story.  The song by Us3 had a great sound and a great name and over the years those roots have evolved into our latest logo which features seeds from the cantaloupe melon.  Seeds grow into bigger plants if tended well and that symbolises what we strive to do for our client’s businesses.

Evolution of the Cantaloupe brand

What’s your brand name strategy and what have you learnt?

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