Email Reporting

Measure how effective your emails are

Unlike print and traditional direct marketing, email marketing allows you to track many different metrics such as how many people opened your email campaigns and exactly what they clicked.

At Cantaloupe, we use the best bulk mailing service providers to ensure that your emails reach their destination and once received, we are able to report on how recipients interacted with your email campaign.

These reports detail statistics such as open rate, bounce rate, click through rate and social shares and are provided after each mailer is sent out, giving you transparent information as to whether a campaign is reaching your objectives.

Some of the reports include:

  • How many emails were delivered
  • How many people opened your email
  • What percentage clicked on the website link provided in the email
  • How many people forwarded or shared the email content
  • Which email addresses bounced and why
  • Who unsubscribed from your list

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