Analytics Reporting

Analytics is a service offered by Google that allows you to track various statistics about your website and its performance.

These are some of the things we are able to measure using analytics:

  • Where your website traffic is coming from We use it to see where your website visitors came from, including search engines and social networks.  We also track visitors to your site from pay-per-click advertising and email marketing campaigns.  Using these statistics we can see which online marketing initiatives are performing based on whether or not they are bringing traffic to your website.
  • How many visitors you got in a certain time period We can tell how many new visitors came to your site as well as how many returned in a given time period.  If this number is low, we know that your website is not doing well on search engines and might recommend SEO or pay-per-click advertising to boost traffic.
  • Which content is most popular We can see which of your webpages are visited most often once visitors get to your site, and how much time they spend on each page.  This allows us to determine which content they find most valuable, and develop more content based on these findings.
  • How many visitors leave without going past your home page This is called the bounce rate and shows us how many people left without reading further into your website.  A high bounce rate normally indicates that people didn’t find what they were looking for.  This gives us an indication that we might need to relook your navigation or content or both.
  • What people typed in that allowed them to find your website When people search for information, they use certain search phrases to find what they’re looking for.  We can track these keywords to make sure that they have been used in the content on your website so you can continue to be found for these words.
  • Track conversions based on goals you have set You can select certain goals that you want people to do while they are on your website.  This could be signing up for a newsletter or making an actual purchase.  We are able to track these activities and determine your conversion rate.
  • And much, much more…

We can track visitors geographically, by language, by device type, by exit point, etc. Analytics is a very powerful measurement tool and we use it extensively to make sure that your online marketing is getting the results you need.

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