Adwords Reporting

Google offers businesses a way to advertise on the Google search engine, and this is the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system called Google Adwords.

This advertising can be seen in the top 3 slots and down the right hand side of a search results page. Searchers will enter a search term or keyword, and this will display organic search results, as well as adverts. If the searcher clicks on your advert, they are transferred to your website. When the searcher clicks on your advert, you pay Google a certain cost for that click.  As this is a paid-for marketing channel, every single click is tracked. The basic reporting allows you to see how much you spent and how many clicks you got for that investment.

There are also many other reports that we can generate from the Adwords system including:

  • Ad performance Each advert has different wording and might perform better or worse against another advert with different wording.  This helps you see which advert wording performs better.
  • URL performance You can choose which page of your website your advert goes to.  This helps you target the activity of someone who clicks on your advert and helps you determine which page brings you more leads.
  • Geographic performance If you have set certain adverts to be displayed in certain geographic areas, this report allows you to view performance data by geographic region. This allows you to see which areas need more online marketing initiatives.
  • Keyword performance This report shows you which keywords triggered the most advert displays, so you can adjust your selected keywords accordingly.
  • Campaign performance This report allows you to view performance data for your overall campaign, and gives a good indication of campaign performance over time.

Adwords reporting is a very powerful results measurement tool and we use it extensively to make sure that your Adwords campaigns are getting the results you need.

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